Installing on (GNU/)Linux

NOTE: You need neofetch to be also installed for this to work.

> Via AUR

On Arch Linux for the git testing version (the less stable version): fetchcord-testing

Github version (synced with master): fetchcord

Historically the stabler release was the one from pip, but now master will have only the stable releases.

> Via Snap

On systems with snap installed, you can run sudo snap install fetchcord --classic to install fetchcord.

Note that like the AUR version, this version is directly from master, for the stable release use pip

> Via pip

To Install fetchcord via pip you can run pip3 install fetchcord

If you want to remove FetchCord you can run pip3 uninstall fetchcord

> Run

Once installed, simply run fetchcord. The program is also daemonizable, meaning you can start it on boot using any method you prefer.

If you get fetchcord: command not found, add export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH" to your bashrc, or just run python3 -m fetchcord.

Optionally, for systemd users there is a user-side fetchcord.service in this repo that can be installed to ~/.local/share/systemd/user/, started and enabled on boot using systemctl --user enable --now fetchcord.